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About Us

Silversky Solutions was started by a couple of relentless problem solvers Fletcher Nichol and Natasha Nunn in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Planet Earth (we're local) in the summer of 2009. We've worked together for over 6 years (yikes! we haven't killed each other yet?) and we make great products. Just ask us we'll tell you all about it!

If you're looking for a energetic, engaged, and obsessive team working with you to solve your problems then you want to work with the Silversky team.

Fletcher Nichol

intrepid developer/aspiring designer

I'm this guy that's working towards super smartness (it's incremental, don't you know) but tends to be a little understated.

Well except when someone starts me going on why code should be small, fast, well-tested, easy to understand, documented and open source. At this point I usually can't shut-up, but who could when it's so exciting to make something that works and is elegant, lightweight, innovative and contributing to the community of awesomeness that is open source?

I can also talk a lot about coffee, and beer, and my super-cute kid. But other than that I'm totally understated. Word.

p.s. I have a Computing Science degree

Natasha Nunn

sweet designer/aspiring developer

I grew up on a farm, with hippy parents. I used to think that technology was a little bit evil but now I am a little bit evil. Mwah hahahaha...

Lately, I've been getting these crazy ideas about how to design sites and applications in this lean-and-mean, clear-and-concise, and elegant-and-efficient manner.

I have a deep burning passion for writing clean, straightforward, well structured, and standards-compliant markup and styling. The only way to move forward (super awesome web v3000) is together, all moving in the same direction (XHTML, CSS, EMCAScript, REST). That's why I design everything on well behaving web browsers, then retrofit for the bad apples (please update your web browser from Internet Explorer 5.5 or I won't be your friend).

If you're not fully satisfied with my work, don't worry - I won't eat or sleep or even answer the phone until I've earned your trust and respect. Every challenge is just a fun puzzle waiting to be solved. And I like puzzles. And an occasional beer. And coffee, yes, lots of high quality coffee.

I have a Master's Degree in Humanities Computing.

Check out my portfolio.


Our Work

- click the images below to slideshows of our work.

    • Know Alberta
    • OpenVRef
    • The Alberta Library website
    • MNC

We Like:

  1. Communication - The client is our best resource. By working closely with you we produce the best outcome.
  2. Agility - Things change, we strive to react quickly and postively to the envitable challanges we encounter - often difficulties produce great results.
  3. Elegance - The most perfect solution is often the simplest. Finding those perfect and simple solutions is our passion.
  4. Transparancy and Ease of Use - Our processes and applications are easy to use and understand.
  5. Social Responsibility and Sustainablity - We care about our communities both online and off. We contribute to open source intitiatives and we recycle our code and our plastic/paper/compost.