Silversky Solutions Portfolio: Know Alberta

Project Overview

Know Alberta front page

Know Alberta provides a common place to search and access digital content from Alberta's leading heritage institutions. The site brings together over 170, 000 objects (images, sound-recordings, texts and videos) from 60 different projects. We built the application in one obsessive month of work.

made with java (spring, wicket, rome), jquery, solr, xml, xsl, xhtml, css, rss

The Challange

Search result page

Time: This project had a hard deadline and our original plan became unworkable. So we had to come up with a Plan B.

Data Normalization: We had to work with a lot of different data with varying levels of quality.

Visualization: We needed to produce new and interesting ways for users to view and interact with the digital content.

The Process

XSL transform


The Outcome

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We produced a clean, functional site within our time constraints. The interface is easy to use and has received positive feedback. One institutional representative suggested that this tool should be used in every classroom in Alberta.

The Silversky team refined our agile development skills by focusing on the most important features first, getting a working version up and running within a day, and working closely together.

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