Silversky Solutions Portfolio: The Alberta Library Website

Project Overview

The Alberta Library front page

The Alberta Library is a libary consortium that works to promote barrier-free access to information, ideas and culture. The Alberta Library website serves over 290 member libraries and the general public. The site was re-created in 2007/2008 over 4 months.

made with xhtml, css, php, jquery, java (spring security)

The Challange

List of services

Information Architecture: The existing site was very complicated and contained a lot of information which was out of date or repeated.

Audience: The site had to address a variety of audiences (committee members, TAL staff, the government, the general public).

Design: The website had to co-ordinate with and reflect TAL's visual identity redesign.

The Process

TAL's monthly newsletter

We created:

The Outcome

Member login page

The site is used extensively by TAL staff, committees and the general public. The feedback has been overwhelmingly postive.

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